Eef Bosch is my name. Sometimes called Steef. Why ? Thats a differend story.
Veghel is the place of residence. 74 years, married to Mieke for 34 years. 4 sons, two daughters-in-law, three granddaughters and a grandson.

20 years of sailing all over te globe on large tankers and towage ships. And does not always go the way you want. It was time for something else. The long way. Back to school. To get a education competence as teacher biology and Informatics. Then worked in education for many years. Various educational institutions such as Fioretticollege in Veghel and Sintlucas in Boxtel

My interest in photography started 12 years ago. I stopped working as a teacher and found that a hobby was needed. It became photography. Since that time I have been photographing almost daily.
Photography is the use of light and other forms of radiation to capture images of objects and phenomena on radiation- or radiation-sensitive material. The word is derived from Greek and literally means writing with light.

**My interest mainly goes to architectural photography, exterior and interior. Exterior sometime's with a drone. Sometimes on assignment. In addition, street photography, weddings and occasionally some landscapes.

Internet and a membership of are my reference works. Photoshop and Lightroom added with a number of plugins such as the free plugins from Nik collection, are my work fields. Nowadays you can subscribe for a small amount at Adobe for Photoshop and Lightroom.
Furthermore, I use the various photo editing programs that are offered as trail versions. Since I work with an Imac it is very easy to reinstall my Imac software every 30 days so that I can continue to make unlimited use of the 30-day trial versions. I also follow various photographers such as Serge Ramelli.